Report Womens Pamela Heeled Sandal

Report Womens Pamela Heeled Sandal

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Your place is infested with bedbugs ? You have been in contact with an infested household ? Do you want to protect yourself from a bedbug infestation after a trip ?
Discover this step-by-step video guide to help you at every stage of your fight against bed bugs.

We have 8 video tutorials available to help you identify bed bugs, discover their hiding places, and create an organized prevention plan.

Our 8 video tutorials are a summary of all the radical techniques we’ve tried to exterminate bed bugs. As former victims of bed bugs, we’ve had the opportunity to explore, test, and apply different methods to exterminate them. The only radical and 100% effective method we recommend is heat treatment.

Heat treatment has several benefits. Unlike with pesticides, bed bugs will never acquire a resistance to heat treatment over time. They die within minutes when exposed to a temperature of 120° F. Heat is also the only method that will kill bed bug eggs, ensuring a 100% effective solution to get rid of bed bugsIt’s ecological, doesn’t negatively affect your health, and cheap. Heat treatment can be applied to every household and ensures a successful fight against bed bugs. Heat treatment should be applied even if you decide to call a professional exterminator. Pesticides only kill the living bed bugs and not their eggs! This is why many infestations start again after a chemical treatment; if even one egg is left behind, the infestation will come back! This is why we highly recommend coupling a chemical treatment with heat treatment.

Depending on your infestation stage, heat treatment can be enough to eradicate all of the bed bugs from your place!

A detailed tutorial on how to use steam cleaner, diatomaceous earth, washing machine, and freezer to treat your floors, furniture, textiles, objects and beddings

Unlimited access to our video tutorials to help you eradicate bed bugs at your own pace
A detailed methodology to apply your DIY guide to eradicate bed bugs permanently and chemical-free

Report Womens Pamela Heeled Sandal

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An easy to read manual about the essentials of heat treatment in your home: the steam cleaner and diatomaceous earth
A detailed tutorial on how to use steam cleaner, washing machine, and freezer to treat your floors, furniture, textiles, objects and beddings
Information about bed bugs – its lifestyle, hiding places, and reproduction patterns – to exterminate them with ease and prevent future infestations
Learn how to determine your infestation stage to target the infested areas with high precision
Learn how to build and implement a bed bug control diary to effectively fight against bed bugs every day

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How does it work? After your payment, you will be redirected to a private page to download our 8 DIY video tutorials. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail containing your personalised links to download the bed bug tutorials!

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After failing two times eradicating bed bugs with chemicals and exterminators, I thought... why not try this method ? Best decision so far, it's been 3 months now, and I can finally say that I'm bed bug free. Thank you so much


I've been deeling with bed bugs for 7 months now... 1 month after using this do-it-yourself guide I can already see the difference ! I'm getting my sleep back and highly recommend using this method

Great Tutorial !

I had tried everything to get rid of bedbugs. This DIY Tutorial has been the best solution I have ever tried so far. Steam really is radical against bedbugs and eradicated them in a few weeks in my place

A life savor

The Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Treatment must be applied – wether you decide to call a professional exterminator or not

Heat Treatment with steam is the only solution that will kill bed bugs AND their eggs within minutes

Heat Treatment is the cheapest solution for eradicating bed bugs – and it’s the most efficient!
Heat Treatment is the only zero toxic emission solution against bed bugs – saving you and your household from harmful pesticides emissions

Bed bugs multiply quickly. One female can lay about 113 eggs in her lifetime. Bed bug populations can double every 16 days. Every day counts in your fight against bed bugs

Get access to our full DIY Heat treatment solution for your home

Discover the hiding places of bed bugs to start an effective and radical fight against this nightmare for free

Discover for free the hiding places of bed bugs – to start an effective and radical fight against this nightmare. 


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